Best available players heading into day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft the Dolphins might target

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The Dolphins do have a need in the secondary, especially at safety, where two players will be hyped in round two.

Cooper DeJean—Iowa: Is he a corner or a safety? That may be the reason DeJean dropped out of round one. He doesn't translate to the NFL as a pure cornerback, and most believe he will be better as a safety. In Miami, DeJean would fill a need at safety and could play slot corner. He won't, however, drop to 55.

Kamren Kinchens - Miami University: Kinchens is a ball-hawking pure safety who plays above his size. Capable of making quick reads and having the closing speed to attack while the ball is in the air, Kitchens is a good possibility for the Dolphins at 55.

Tyler Nubin - Minnesota: Another safety with a lot of potential and upside but more likely will not fall to the Dolphins at 55.

Kool-Aid McKinstry - Alabama: Considered to be a late first-round pick, Kool-Aid dropped to round two and should go in the first ten picks of the round. He is the top CB on the board.

T.J. Tampa - Iowa State: Another CB that could be in play from the late teens to the early 20s of day two. The Dolphins don't need a CB, but Tampa could push a player into Miami's lap.

Max Melton—Rutgers: Melton is projected to be drafted in the middle of the second round, but teams passed on CBs early in round one, and those teams will likely put a premium on a position that isn't as deep in 2024. That could work in favor of the Dolphins by pushing another player further down.

We listed 18 players that should be drafted before the Dolphins are on the clock or projected to be drafted in the 20s. There are more positions that the Dolphins don't need, and those positions will also be drafted before the selection of some of the players we listed here. As a result, the Dolphins could have a great chance of landing another potential starter on day two.