Big week ahead in the AFC East with one team on the verge of complete collapse

The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills headline the week 4 AFC East slate but one team could be on the verge of complete collapse.
Miami Dolphins fans do the wave during the second half of an NFL game against the Denver Broncos at
Miami Dolphins fans do the wave during the second half of an NFL game against the Denver Broncos at / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins are 3-0, the Bills are 2-1, and the rest of the AFC East is 1-2. While the Dolphins and Bills are trending upwards, the rest of the AFC East is suddenly a mess that only AFC East fans could have seen coming.

Let's start with the NFL's big game of the week. The Miami Dolphins will travel to the Bills with an early first-place seating on the line. A win by Buffalo gives them a 1/2 game lead over the Dolphins but a win by the Dolphins gives them a two-game lead in the division. That's a big difference.

Miami is riding a huge record-breaking Sunday and the Bills are riding complete domination of the Washington Commanders. This game is two teams running head-on into each other.

The Dolphins beat the Bills last year in Miami but lost both trips to Buffalo and they tend to struggle against the Bills in Orchard Park. That being said, last year, the Dolphins came within one drive of beating the Bills in the playoffs behind 3rd string QB Skylar Thompson.

Miami fans see this team as completely different and while it is, until they beat a dominant team like the Bills, the mainstream media won't give them the credit they deserve. That could change this weekend.

Moving on to the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have played better than their 1-2 record and the 0'fer start to the season wasn't nearly as bad as it looked either. Last week they took on the Jets and won their first game, but it was far from decisive.

The Patriots are going to struggle throughout the year but they should finish with at least close to a .500 record. The Patriots defense and running game will keep them in games.

This week, the Patriots will face the Cowboys in Dallas. The Cowboys had a huge letdown against the Cardinals and are likely going to come out to prove a point. Not a good week for the Patriots to face them.

The New York Jets are simply a mess and it extends far more than a 1-2 record.

There is trouble in New York and there is no way around it happening. Robert Saleh is a good coach who is losing a team. Why? Simply because he is putting his trust in Zach Wilson who isn't a starting QB.

His refusal to address QB is dividing the team. Reports of an anonymous player throwing a football at his head surfaced this week. There is talk that the team no longer believes in what the team is trying to accomplish because they don't know what that is.

There are rumors that the defense is fed up and no longer cares and all of this is because of the pre-season hype over Aaron Rodgers, Hard Knocks, and the ultimate Achilles injury that wiped out the season for all intent and purposes.

The Jets will play the Chiefs on Sunday night and this is another likely loss dropping the team to 1-3. Should this happen, the remaining wheel that is holding whatever is left together, is potentially going to fall off as well.

Right now, the Jets are not even in a position to play spoiler but their season is pretty much over if something doesn't change, immediately.