Bill Belichick leaving New England will make the AFC East a lot different going forward

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The Bill Belichick era in New England has come to an end. The long-time head coach and owner Bob Kraft are parting ways and the AFC East will be much different.

Bill Belichick couldn't beat Tua Tagovailoa. Sorry, it is true. Four attempts by Belichick and four losses. Of course, it could also be argued that Belichick really couldn't beat anyone without Tom Brady.

This is the part of professionalism that I hate. In 17 years I have taken great pride in my attempt to be just that and take my thoughts on someone out of my writing. It is very hard to do here because I don't respect Bill Belichick.

Regardless, I am also surprised at how quickly Bob Kraft opted to get rid of him. Miss the playoffs two times in a row and the owner fires a coach he has had for 24 years? wait until he learns about the carousel that other teams go through every other year.

I'm fine with it. For now, Don Shula's record is safe but indications are that Belichick is headed to either the Chargers or the Commanders. His pursuit of that all-time win total will continue.

The coaching changes this year have been crazy. Belichick is out in New England, Pete Carroll is out in Seattle, and on Wednesday Alabama head coach Nick Saban retired.

The NFL coaching ranks are getting younger. Yes, Belichick will land with another team. He is too close to Shula's record to retire but he isn't going to be around another decade. Across the NFL landscape, the league is getting younger.

This is becoming the time of the Mike McDaniel types. The Kyle Shanahan's and Sean McVay's. It is going to be an interesting next few years when other older HCs like Andy Reid start to consider retirement.

In the AFC East, it is a big shakeup that leaves Sean McDermott as the seasoned veteran with the longest tenure within the division and the young guys, Robert Saleh and McDaniel on his heels.

The Patriots could turn to former Miami Dolphins HC, Brian Flores or they could recycle Josh McDaniels for a 3rd stint as a HC. Others believe that former Patriots player and former Titan HC, Mike Vrable, is the guy who will end up with the job.

Vrable makes the most sense for the Patriots but who knows what Bob Kraft will do. Everything in New England is going to change and the only question is will it change for the better or the worse?