Braxton Berrios shows why he is a valuable asset to the Miami Dolphins offense

It didn't take long for Braxton Berrios to make an impact with the Miami Dolphins. If not for his exceptional play, who knows how the game would have end
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The signing of Braxton Berrios was relatively low-key for an NFL free-agent signing but to Dolphins fans, getting Berrios was a player with huge potential. On Sunday, he made his presence known.

Berrios isn't going to light up the stat lines and if you looked at his game statistics from Sunday, you wouldn't think much of it. Three receptions, 46 yards, no touchdowns.

Now look beyond the yardage and TDs and look at the three receptions. Without them, Tyreek Hill isn't a superhero and the Miami Dolphins very well may be 0-1.

Berrios made his statement one series before the Dolphins took the lead on the fade pass to Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins, down by two needed to get a score. Tua Tagovailoa first hit Braxton Berrios on a 16 yard pass on 3rd and 15.

On that play, Tua was flushed out of the pocket and Berrios broke off his route and came back towards Tua but didn't cross the first down marker allowing Tua to hit for the first down. The throw and catch were perfect but it was Berrios' quick thinking to create space that gave Tua a lane.

Two plays later, the Dolphins were first and 10 when Tua hit Berrios on a 15 yard nose dive that put the ball nearly on the ground. Berrios was able to scoop up the pass for another first down completion.

The importance of that play was the Chargers believed it had hit the ground and challenged it. They lost the challenge and a time out that would have been important on the final drive of their offense.

Berrios isn't flashy but between him and River Cracraft who once again showed why he is still around, the Dolphins WRs are a fluid group that works well within the context of what they are asked to do. On Sunday, the highlight reel is Tyreek Hill but Berrios showed as well why he is in Miami.