Breaking: New NFL bylaw paves way for Miami Dolphins 3rd QB on game day

Miami quarterback Skylar Thompson gets rid of the ball before getting hit by Buffalo   s Greg
Miami quarterback Skylar Thompson gets rid of the ball before getting hit by Buffalo s Greg / JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

While the title may seem like a special NFL rule for the Miami Dolphins, the league actually is taking care of teams with a long overdue rule change.

The leagues just passed a bylaw that will allow NFL teams to carry a 3rd quarterback dressed for games giving each team one extra gameday roster spot.

This spot is only for QBs and makes a lot of sense. Last season the Dolphins were put in a position where Teddy Bridgewater was knocked out of the Jets game and Skylar Thompson was the only other QB on the roster. Now, the Dolphins will enter games with starting QB Tua Tagovailoa, Mike White, and Skylar Thompson all in uniform.

The is a "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" rule and has been needed for a very long time. In fact, with the money that the NFL is committing to QBs, resting a season, like the 49ers faced last season in the postseason, on injuries is not smart.

This will have a huge impact on NFL rosters as well. With the additional player allowance on game rosters, teams will likely need to keep three QBs on the roster. The NFL is not giving teams a break in that regard but stashing a QB on the practice squad won't help as teams can only activate them three times before having to keep them on the roster.

This could pave the way for 4th QBs on the team. In Miami, the new bylaw could make it easier for James Blackman to find a spot on the practice squad.

On the flip-side of this coin, teams who may not want to carry three QBs on the 53 may need to do so and that would take away another opportunity for a player that may not get the chance to make a team. But, it is smart and gives each team the option to make that decision on their own.