Cam Smith elicits wide range of emotional reactions from Miami Dolphins fans

NCAA Football South Carolina defensive back Cam Smith
NCAA Football South Carolina defensive back Cam Smith / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins waited 51 draft picks to select a player that in reality, they really didn't need but while he fits the scheme and the defense, they didn't win over a lot of fans.

Reactions to the Smith selection has been quite interesting to say the least.

While many of the Tweets were laced with words we don't want to put on here, not all of the comments were negative.

The reality is simple, Miami needs to make sure they have plenty of cornerbacks and with the way the board was falling, there wasn't much available that wouldn't have made some fans upset. Miami could have drafted an offensive lineman but we have to remember Chris Grier believes that Austin Jackson is the starting right tackle.

Miami still needs to address linebacker, offensive line whether they like it or not, and tight end at some point. Their next selection will be at pick number 84 late in the 3rd round.

The Dolphins are not likely going to trade up because they do not have the draft capital to move around without dipping into next seasons selections.

There are concerns about Smith without question. His off-field concerns dropped him to the 2nd round and he was likely heading into round one without them. It has been said that his work ethic is a question mark as is he lacks consistency from game to game.

Another issue that many scouts have seen in Smith is the fact he gets flagged a lot and in the NFL, you almost can't touch a WR at all, Smith is a guy that uses his hands a lot and tends to grab upon release. One former NFL scout was simply not overly impressed in any season of Smith's at Carolina.

Overall, the Dolphins felt the need to have better depth at corner was more important than a tight end, linebacker, or offensive lineman.

Smith may end up being a great addition to the roster but it feels like another one of those draft picks that were made by Chris Grier after the player he may have really preferred went a pick or two ahead of his draft spot.