Cam Smith will be out for "some time" as the hits just keep on coming

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

No fun about this but rookie Cam Smith, who looked like everything and more on Friday will be out for some amount of time that isn't long but also isn't short.

I get that the human body is a bit of a mystery and always will be. And I appreciate that everyone responds to treatment differently but just once I'd like to avoid potential Will Fuller or Byron Jones situations.

I don't think we will be left in a void of frustration wondering every week will Cam Smith play or not but man alive it be nice to be a bit more concrete with injuries at least once and a while.

I guess it makes sense that Chris Grier went back into his well of never-ending cornerbacks and found an old standby in the form of Jamal Perry who was signed earlier today.

It appears that the Miami Dolphins are going the same route that they did last year concerning the cornerback position. It's like in 22 Jump Street when the captain told Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum to only repeat exactly what they did in 21 Jump Street. Miami is just running back the approach they had last year with having corners get hurt all the time.

And it doubly sucks because Cam Smith looked like he really belonged on Friday night against the Falcons. He had a terrific pass breakup, was more than willing to get physical and tackle guys in the open field, and even had a nice instinctual play where he came off his man and went to disrupt a pass in the end zone. It certainly seemed like Cam Smith knew the opportunity in front of him since Jalen Ramsey went down.

As McDaniel said, this isn't going to be long-term or anything like that. But it still is a letdown knowing that Cam Smith won't be out there getting better on the field.

This will be a big week for guys like Trill Williams, Noah Igbinoghene(doubt it), Justin Bethal, Keion Crossen, and others. A spot may have opened up for one of these guys to take.

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