Cameron Wake deserves his spot in the Hall Of Fame?

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In the history of the Miami Dolphins, we have seen and heard great names like Richmond Webb and Zach Thomas among others. But in this case, I want you to remember a name that hasn't been active for a few years now but was a very important player in his time at Miami. The player I am talking about is the linebacker, Cameron Wake.

During his time at the Dolphins between 2009 and 2018, Wake played 146 games, starting in 126 of those games. Not to forget, Cameron was part of the Dolphins team that reaches the playoffs in 2016, starting the only game that the Miami team reach in desperation for the trophy. And managing to make 98 sacks in his 10 years with the Dolphins.

But not everything was joy and awards in his career, this is because before the NFL he was part of the Canadian Football League (CFL). After not being selected in the NFL Draft and various tries to play in the NFL, the former Tennessee Titan decided that the CFL was his path into professional football.

"My path, I wouldn't change it for anything. You've got first-round picks and all that. But my way is my way and that made me who I am today."

Cameron Wake

It is established that Cameron Wake is one of the best pass rushers in the decade the 2010s. Also in his showcase, the former Miami Dolphins can brag and be proud of himself, because he manages to be a four-time All-Pro selection, one time in the first team and three in the second team.

Even though he becomes the most important player of the Dolphins in the history of the franchise, without the announcement of his retirement, he could only enter the Hall Of Fame in 2025.

Do you think he deserves a spot in the Hall Of Fame?