Can't have nice things: Terron Armstead has been carted off the field

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Like, are we allowed to just have a normal training camp, or better yet, can we just cancel the rest of it right the hell now? The Miami Dolphins and us as a collective fan base, lost Jalen Ramsey until who knows when, the team is, reportedly, not doing so great on offense, our pet's heads are falling off, and now Terron Armstead is being carted off the field.

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This year's training camp has been nothing short of frustrating being a fan. I can't pinpoint many positives that have happened besides Cam Smith, who got hurt in the first preseason game, and Devon Achane looking like solid to above-solid players. I'm sure I can come up with other positive things that have happened since the end of July but I'm way too pessimistic right now to think of happy thoughts.

Hopefully, Terron Armstead's latest injury isn't that serious and it's only a scare. Hopefully, all we hear tomorrow is that he'll be out for the rest of the week or even the rest of the preseason but he will be able to go come week one. We saw, last year, what this offense looks like without Armstead. It wasn't too good. Here is that breakdown in tweet form.

It sucks on many levels, The obvious level is who is going to replace him on the offensive line? The recently retired, Brandon Shell, started for Armstead when he missed games last year. So on the team at the moment will be the guy tabbed to fill his shoes if he's out for an extended period of time? Will it be Kendall Llamm, Cedric Ogbuehi, or will it be someone else? I have no idea, at this current junction in time.

The other level that this sucks is that all the folk who were Dennis leery of the Miami Dolphins signing Terron Armstead in the first place have no ammunition to validate their fears. I still feel like you make that move to sign a player the caliber of Terron Armstead but nobody can be too surprised about this. This might be a complete freak accident, but seeing Terron Armstead's name attached to words such as limping, lower leg, and cart is an association that is all too common with him.

Another question is does this Armstead injury get Chris Grier out of the free-agent cornerback film room and look into bringing in some outside help at tackle? You would think this type of occurence and what it means for this offense would prompt Grier to at least think about it right?

Hopefully, it's not to bad and a lot of this is precautionary but I must admit I am fearing the worse with this one. I pray that I'm wrong.

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