Chop Robinson salary: How much will the Dolphins first-round pick make?

The Miami Dolphins selected Chop Robinson as their 21st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The 2024 NFL Draft has recently concluded, and the Miami Dolphins have made their player selections. However, at this point, no rookie has signed an official contract yet. How much might Miami's top rookie make?

The Miami Dolphins have not had a first-round pick since 2021, when they selected Jaylen Waddle and Jaelan Phillips. Due to the departure of several players in free agency, Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel will use the 21st pick to strengthen the defense. With this pick, the Dolphins are preparing for the season in two ways.

First, as there are openings in the defense, Robinson could be a starter from day one. Secondly, he explodes into action with fast hands, enabling him to apply pressure on the opposing team's quarterback. Robinson's quick pressure rate, time-to-pressure, and overall pressure rate are remarkable. In other words, we can apply enough pressure on quarterbacks to force an interception or a punt and let the Dolphins get back the ball.  

But what will his salary be?

Rookie deals are fixed under the NFL Collective Bargain Agreement back in 2020. The players selected in the first round of the Draft will have a four-year contract with their club, plus a fifth-year option. According to Spotrac, Chop Robinson's contract is worth $14.9 million over four years and includes a $7.7 million signing bonus and a fifth-year option.

Chop's salary is almost $10 million more than Devon Achane's. The 84th pick for the Dolphins in the 2023 NFL Draft has a contract worth $5.4 million over four years and includes $954,508 in signing bonuses.