Chris Grier can not build the Miami Dolphins roster by making this yearly mistake

The Miami Dolphins are once again hoping to send their team into the playoffs with the hopes of winning the Super Bowl. It will not be easy.

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating
Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins have been rebuilding since they imploded the roster in 2019 but they have yet to get to a championship. There is a reason why.

After dismantling the roster, Chris Grier was poised to make the roster the way he wanted. He had a head coach that he ended up butting heads with and eventually parting ways with. He then hired Mike McDaniel and everyone believed that the pieces to win are in place.

The problem for the Miami Dolphins is the pieces are not in place and that is because Chris Grier can't figure out how to.

There are a lot of issues the Dolphins have to deal with but the one biggest issues Grier has is he doesn't realize his roster goes through too many players. Last season, nearly half of the roster was an impending free agent. This year, 24 players are set to potentially hit the market.

You don't build a championship team with so much annual turnover. To put this simply, Grier is handing out far too many one-year deals with the hope they can help the team win a Super Bowl. Instead, the only thing they are doing is leaving.

DeShon Elliot is a prime example of a player who should have been signed to a two-year deal that gave Miami an easy out in year two if he didn't work out. Instead, Grier gave him a one-year deal. The same he gave Andrew Van Ginkel last season as well.

Grier lives for short-term deals that he hopes will pay off in a singular season but the reality is that he is only creating a continuity problem and roster holes that he has to plug year-to-year.

Every team has to deal with free agents but the Dolphins seem to have far too many because Grier isn't relying on the same players year to year and they are the ones who Miami tends to need later in the season.

At some point, it has to change. Instead of overpaying players who have one good season, Grier needs to start giving out two-year team-friendly deals that make more sense.