Chris Grier drafts a tight end for the Miami Dolphins who played WR at Sanford, welcome Elijah Higgins

Stanford v California
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Sanford wide-receiver Elijah Higgins is the latest project for the Miami Dolphins after Chris Grier makes him the team's selection at 197. But don't expect him at WR.

The Miami Dolphins didn't need a wide receiver, they needed a tight end. In a draft that has been sensationalized at the deepest in ten years, the Dolphins, have drafted a wide receiver that many believe will shift to tight end in Miami.

Higgins is a big WR. 6'3" and 235 pounds, the physical WR will slide into the H-back and TE role in Miami where his hands will be good but the question is can he block in the Mike McDaniel system?

Drafting Higgins is really nothing to be ticked off about. The Dolphins clearly see an advantage with him moving down but he will have to develop at one of the hardest positions to adjust to from college to the NFL.

At Sanford, Higgins caught 59 balls for 704 yards and two touchdowns last season. lists Higgins as an eventual average starter in the league but they are ranking him on his WR skills. Higgins will more than likely play inline where his ability to play as a WR will help the offense.

Where Higgins may help the Dolphins is in his off-line blocking where he can get downfield to the 2nd level to help run blocking.

If he develops properly, Higgins could be a surprise development player with some upside but in Miami he will likely take a backseat to Tanner Conner and Erik Saubert. Durham Smythe is in no danger of losing his grip on the top TE1 spot.

At this point in the draft, the Dolphins are taking shots at players that could develop or play a specific role on the Dolphins offense and Higgins is one of those players that could become a quality backup in McDaniel's system or a spot contributor in specific situations.

His best role may be as a two TE short yardage specialist who can double up the edge long enough to slide out.