Chris Grier goes on record to remove this position from his first round NFL Draft board

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins General Manager, Chris Grier, spoke to the media this week and made it clear he will not be using a first-round pick on one position.

We can assume that he won't select a punter or kicker in round one but there have been unwarranted click-bait mainstream media members who have pushed the quarterback agenda. Chris Grier made it clear that the position is not one he will be drafting.

Grier was asked about drafting the position in round one, posing it as a "fans want to know the answer to this question" when in reality, a few members of the national media have made it a rumor. Grier said that while they look at every position in the draft, "that is not somewhere I'm looking at in the first round."

That of course, will not quiet the talk that Miami could look at the position in later rounds, more likely in round seven if they select a QB at all which would be surprising. Grier also stated, "There are some good players, but we're happy with Tua."

"At some point, I wouldn't say we're not going to draft a quarterback at any point. We took Skylar (Thompson) here in the seventh round years ago." In other words, Grier and the Dolphins are leaving their options open for another quarterback to compete for a roster spot but that QB would likely be a late draft pick.

What makes this interesting is Miami could use Thompson as the 2nd QB and release Mike White. That move would save Miami around $3 million. The 3rd emergency QB could then be a rookie.