Chris Grier reaches again for an offensive tackle drafting Houston's Patrick Paul at 55

Texas v Houston
Texas v Houston / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Chris Grier has made his pick with the 55th overall selection and it is another questionable selection for the Miami Dolphins.

Patrick Paul will be joining the Miami Dolphins but many experts had him rated as a mid to late 3rd round pick and others had him ranked lower. Chris Grier reaches again.

Speaking of reach, if there is one thing about Paul that is impressive is his 36" arm length. At 6'7", Paul is a massive offensive lineman who plays physically but is inconsistent and doesn't work his legs properly when being pushed back.

A first-team All-American, he started 12 games for Houston last year and 13 games the previous year. In 2021, he started 14 games. Clearly, he has talent, but Grier is taking another risk on a guy who still has to develop better habits. He is another player with a high ceiling but is still developing.

Paul is a good pass-blocker, but he needs to improve his run-blocking skills and use his physical abilities. He often doesn't play with the same consistency with his effort. In terms of plus size, Paul is a big lineman, and it is hard to move straight up one-on-one. While he can fail to finish his blocks, more in the run game, the quick release of Tua and the offensive speed should help.

While he is tall, it is also often a disadvantage. Paul doesn't bend well and tends to take on defenders too high which forces him to use his hands more and again, his inconsistency is a problem. It will be interesting to see how he translates to the speed of the NFL, especially against top-edge rushers with more speed.

It will be interesting to find out if Miami was getting offers for a trade as Paul easily could have been on the board later in round two.