Christian Wilkins deserves a new contract and now he says as much, balls in your court Miami Dolphins

Christian Wilkins wore an orange jersey in practice signaling he was the top player of the day. Vic Fangio speaks highly of him and now, it's time to get him a new deal.

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Forget about being the emotional leader on the defensive side of the ball. Forget about Christian Wilkins scoring touchdowns or running down the field to celebrate an offensive score. Wilkins is the best defender Miami has had in decades and the man should be

Wilkins is having one of his best camps. He has been disruptive. He is getting into the backfield. He is making the players around him better. On paper, the best Miami front line defender in the last ten years was Ndamukong Suh, on paper. Wilkins is playing much better than Suh did in Miami.

After the Dolphins scrimmage game on Saturday, Mike McDaniel told the media that Wilkins "embodies what he expects from the team."

Wilkins told the media he wasn't aware of comments that Vic Fangio made a day earlier calling him "one of the best players in the NFL." Wilkins said that it definitely "high-praise" coming from Fangio because he doeesn't give "throw around compliments."

It appears that Wilkins has won over his new DC and that shouldn't be surprising. He is a workhorse in practice, an all-go no-stop player on the field during games, and has an incredible work ethic. Wilkins said he holds himself to a high standard, not just on the field but off the field as well.

Wilkins was finally asked a real question that wasn't about his choice of music on the Orange Jersey Playlist. It was clear he wants to play for the Dolphins...for now.

"I definitely feel like I’ve done enough and done a lot to earn a new deal and a new contract; but again, I’m just focusing on ball and improving every day and just giving my all to this organization and hopefully they’ll give their all back to me.”"

Christian Wilkins

It has to be difficult to see other DTs, some taken before and many after, getting new contract extensions but still waiting for the Dolphins to offer something you can accept. So far that meter has barely moved and many are starting to wonder if Chris Grier has any desire to retain Wilkins beyond this season which is being played on the 5th year option.

Miami has a problem with their defensive front. All three starters, Wilkins, Zach Sieler, and Raekwon Davis are all impending FAs following the 2023 season. Miami will be lucky to get two signed. So far in camp, Wilkins is shining and Davis is showing signs of struggle early on according to some who have been there.

Enough to cost him a future in Miami? Probably not a catalyst but if the Dolphins are hoping that a Sieler/Davis combination contract will be much cheaper than a Wilkins deal, production should also be a priority and so far, Wilkins is showing up.

It's time for Chris Grier to do his job. He screwed around with contracts for Byron Jones and had to then appease Xavien Howard entering into a horrible contract for the team. He has overpaid running backs, and added players that you sometimes shake your head at. For the most part though, Grier has done well but so far, he has a problem that continues to grow. He needs to get Wilkins signed now before the price goes up far too much.

Clearly, Wilkins is a player you don't simply let go of in free agency but maybe Grier doesn't see that just yet.