Colts reportedly reject Miami Dolphins first offer for Jonathan Taylo

Reports surfaced last night that the Colts rejected the Miami Dolphins first offer for Jonathan Taylor but apparently, they are still talking.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It is becoming harder to follow along on social media, the Miami Dolphins interest level in Jonathan Taylor seems to be legit but to what degree is the question. On Thursday it was reported that the Colts rejected an offer from Miami but the two sides, according to other reports, are still talking.

If the latter is true, the Dolphins have real interest in acquiring Taylor from the Colts. If they were not, it likely would have been a one and done offer.

Over the last 24 hours, Taylor's camp has been on social media liking posts from Miami Dolphins fans or topics about Taylor joining the Dolphins. We saw this earlier in the year with Dalvin Cook and know how that worked out.

Taylor is two years removed from being the league rushing leader but was sidelined for six games last year. He still posted over 800 yards, something that Miami fans will point out with Raheem Mostert who came up less than 200 yards of hitting 1,000 due to injuries.

Will the Dolphins make a trade for Taylor? That is going to come down to what the Colts are willing to accept and what the Dolphins are willing to give up. Part of the problem is that Miami will need to unload a player or two that carry big salaries and that may not be easy. Another problem is that Taylor wants a new contract.

That new contract seems to be something Miami is willing to pay by all accounts if they are trying to get a deal done and we have to assume that if Miami is talking with the Colts they have also had permission to talk to Taylor's agent about a new deal and what that might entail.

For now, nothing is new but the two sides appear to be working towards getting something done. The Rams and the Bears are also interested in making a trade for Taylor as well.