Comparing the Miami Dolphins 2023 roster to 2022's shows where they improved and where they didn't

The Miami Dolphins roster is set and the year will begin in 11 days when the Dolphins head to Los Angeles to face the Chargers.

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Elijah Cooks (84) is tackled by Miami Dolphins cornerback Cam
Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Elijah Cooks (84) is tackled by Miami Dolphins cornerback Cam / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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The last time we saw the Miami Dolphins on the field, we were watching an unscripted, non-game planned blowout that was a mess from the start to the finish. It left man fans wondering if the Dolphins had done enough with their roster.

Clearly there were some improvements over last season and some that still leave fans scratching their head. If we look at the rosters of the 9-8 squad last year and compare it to this year we can see where the team improved and where they didn't.

While many new faces have arrived for 2023, the most obvious point of debate remains at quarterback where only one thing changed.

Quarterback - Tua Tagovailoa, Mike White, Skylar Thompson

Is Mike White better than Teddy Bridgewater? That is a question that remains to be seen and he sure wasn't impressive in pre-season but quarterback remains the decisive position because for all intent and purposes, Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins get Tua Tagovailoa.

We can't put away the fact that Miami's 9-8 record came with the Dolphins losing Tua for 4 full games and parts of two others. The health of Tua may be the single most reason Miami improves in 2023 or not.

If we eliminate Tua's health from the equation and assume that he plays the entire season with incident, can we say that the moves the Dolphins made with the rest of the roster is enough to make the playoffs or lead a charge to the Super Bowl? Can this team overcome average QB play in the event Tua is only that?

Here is a position by position look at the 2023 Dolphins roster and the changes that may or may not make them contenders.