Comparing the Miami Dolphins 2023 roster to 2022's shows where they improved and where they didn't

The Miami Dolphins roster is set and the year will begin in 11 days when the Dolphins head to Los Angeles to face the Chargers.

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Elijah Cooks (84) is tackled by Miami Dolphins cornerback Cam
Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Elijah Cooks (84) is tackled by Miami Dolphins cornerback Cam / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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The only position that the Miami Dolphins may have gotten weaker at is TE but there are improvements in several other areas of the team that should make the 2023 Dolphins better.

Special Teams

Blake Ferguson - Jason Sanders - Jake Bailey

Ferguson is the most consistent of the three as the team's long snapper. Sanders needs to be more consistent as the Dolphins could replace him after the season, and Jake Bailey is coming off an injured season and replacing Thomas Morstead. For now, Morstead made the Dolphins special teams unit better but the addition of Braxon Berrios could impact that quite a bit.

Berrios is a better than average returner and he could give the Dolphins a much needed boost in that part of the special teams game. He could be a difference maker who can consistently move the ball outside of the 25.

Vic Fangio

The Miami Dolphins defense has yet to put a game plan together to put into play during a game but you already get the sense that Fangio's reputation has already changed the mentality of the defensive unit.

There is no hiding his experience and he isn't going to blow smoke to the media. He is a straight forward coach that has no ego but is perfectly blunt. There is no question the amount of change he brings over Josh Boyer from last year.

Butch Barry

After one seaon, Matt Applebaum was fired as the Miami Dolphins offensive line coach. Yet another season of rotating coaches at the position that dates back to the first season of Brian Flores. Miami is hoping that Barry's experience will breath life into a unit that has been far more inconistent than anything the Dolphins have had in years.

So far, it seems to be paying off, at least marginally for now.