Critical game approaches for Miami Dolphins with a full 3 game lead in the AFC East on the line

The Miami Dolphins could exit their game against the Washington Commanders with a "commanding" three-game lead in the AFC East.

East Rutherford, NJ     November 24, 2023 -- Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill of Miami celebrate at the
East Rutherford, NJ November 24, 2023 -- Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill of Miami celebrate at the / Chris Pedota, / USA

The Washington Commanders are a team the Miami Dolphins should beat. They open as favorites as expected, but this game is an opportunity the Dolphins have not had in a very long time.

When the Dolphins play the Commanders this coming Sunday, a three-game lead is on the line within the division. The Bills lost in overtime to the Eagles on Sunday afternoon and the door for the Dolphins is wide-open in the division.

With a 2.5-game lead over the Bills (6-6), the Dolphins would make this a full 3 game lead with five games remaining. Here is the interesting part, the Dolphins will play then play the Titans and Jets before their three-game span against top teams in their final three weeks.

The Bills on the other hand play both the Chiefs and the Cowboys. If the Dolphins can win their next three against the Commanders, Titans, and Jets and the Bills lose to the Chiefs or Cowboys, or both the Dolphins could have the division wrapped up before that three-game finale.

To say the absolute least, the Dolphins are in a position right now to control their own destiny in the Division. They can't let up.

More importantly, right now, the Dolphins will need to keep pace in the conference as well. The AFC is a free-for-all right now. How close is it? Consider that on Sunday morning, the Dolphins were the top seed in the AFC. A win by the Jaguars moved them into the top seed and then the Chiefs moved into the top after they beat the Raiders. Last night, the Ravens held off the Chargers and now they have the top seed.

The Ravens are the only team in the AFC with 9 wins. They will now have their bye-week.

Week 13 will not only feature the Dolphins and Commanders but we are now entering the time of the NFL year where rooting against other AFC teams becomes important as well.

The Chiefs will play the Packers and the Bengals will play the Jaguars next Monday night. The playoff race is officially in full swing and will only get tougher over the course of the next few weeks before the final weeks of the season play out.

For now, the Dolphins need to worry about the Dolphins and this week, the Commanders. Winning in Washington is imperative. The Dolphins have won every game they "should" have won this year. The next three games are games they should absolutely win. It starts against the Commanders.