Dalvin Cook wants to get paid and the Miami Dolphins don't pay RBs

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The Miami Dolphins may want Dalvin Cook and Dalvin Cook may want Miami but the hang up is going to be salary because Cook is going to chase the money.

Dalvin Cook is a free agent for the first time in his NFL career and while he may like the idea of playing for his hometown team, he will sign with the highest bidder. Normally, I would be pounding the desk for a player to take the smart move and sign where he wants to play. After all, Cook has made a lot of money and money isn't everything. In this case, Cook needs to take care of Cook.

Running backs have a short NFL lifespan. We have seen Leonard Fournette fade into RB purgatory. Ezekiel Elliot was the next big thing at the position and now he too is on the street wondering where he will play in 2023. Running backs rarely maintain their value in a league that has gone pass-happy.

According to a report Cook wants to get paid and $4-5 million per year is not going to be nearly enough to get him.

Cook is looking for around $8-9 million according to some in the media and that number could be higher. What this means for the Dolphins is simple, if Cook gets an offer from another team that he likes, he won't be signing with the Dolphins. If he doesn't, Miami is likely going to remain in play.

What we know with certainty about Chris Grier is that he puts a price on a player and he doesn't waver from that number.

Cook makes the Miami Dolphins better and he could make them a lot better. Cook knows this too. Miami doesn't need him to make the playoffs but it would sure make their pursuit a little easier. Is that worth the price to land him? It might be. Let's be honest, Grier has spent a lot more money on far worse players.

What happens next is anyone's guess. Cook believes he can get paid but until an NFL GM decides that he will shell out the want, Cook can only stand his ground. The truth is, this is the NFL and someone with money will make it happen. Cook only needs to be patient and that is a good indication that Miami may be out of this picture.