Dan Marino gives high praise to Tyreek Hill

Can you blame him?
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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It's Super Bowl week and while the Miami Dolphins aren't in the big game, there's still plenty of former and present Dolphins fan favorites appearing in interviews leading up to the big game.

One of those legends, Dan Marino, appeared on FanSided's "Stacking the Box" at Super Bowl Radio Row. When asked by Sterling Holmes if there are any current NFL wide receivers he'd like to throw to, he didn't hesitate when responding with Tyreek Hill.

"That'd be a lot of fun," Marino said when elaborating on his answer. Sterling then asked Marino if he'd get to 6,000 passing yards with Hill at his disposal and the former Dolphins quarterback said that'd for sure happen.

Dan Marino wishes he could have had Tyreek Hill to throw to

Hill is coming off an insane season in year two with the 'Fins. He hauled in a career-high 1,799 receiving yards with a career-high 13 touchdowns through 16 starts. There's a reason Hill was consistently looped in with the potential MVP candidates. He was a huge reason for why the Dolphins were as good as they were this season.

No one can blame Marino for wishing he had the best wide receiver in the league on his team back in the day.

Dan Marino spoke on behalf of M&M's