Daniel Tosh absolutely destroys the Bills in hilarious rant

Tosh, a Dolphins fan, said he had a soft spot for the Bills before completely blasting them.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins' 2023 season came to an end last weekend when the Kansas City Chiefs eliminated them from the playoffs. To make matters worse, the Buffalo Bills advanced and will now host those same Chiefs this weekend.

Daniel Tosh, a Dolphins fan, recorded a TikTok where he started by writing an open letter to Aaron Rodgers. He mentions how he used to like Rodgers when he was a Packer but then he became a Jet and it all went downhill from there (I promise I'm getting to how this correlates with Buffalo).

Tosh says that he hates the Jets even more than the Patriots and the Bills. He said that yes, it was annoying watching the Patriots win all the time. When he shifts his attention to the Bills, he says "They're obnoxious, but you lose four Super Bowls and I have a soft spot for you."

Daniel Tosh's rant against the Bills is hilarious

Tosh continues discussing the Bills by saying that he's excited for the day they get to have a 30-for-30 made about them for the two and a half years where "they had potential". He said it'd be a riveting 30-for-30.

The funniest part of the rant is when Tosh talks about why Bills fans started jumping into tables. He says that "originally it was so they could die because that's how f***king horrible living in Buffalo is."

Here's the entire rant below (the Bills segment starts at the 1:22 mark).