Despite injury, Jalen Ramsey shows leadership at Miami Dolphins training camp

Jalen Ramsey won't be on the field until December at the earliest and he isn't going to be practicing either but he is at camp.

Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) works out during
Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) works out during / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey's surgery on his left knee was successful but only days after going down, Ramsey has been on the practice field with his teammates. Cheering them on, offering advice, and giving encouragment. It's what leaders do.

While Ramsey may not help the team on the field, He most assuredly can help them by being a strong voice. In addition, he is learning what the coaches are teaching in this system. Something that come December will help when he is back.

While Ramsey has been on the field helping where he can, several players are stepping up defensively.

Vic Fangio's system is being met with a lot of accolades. Players on offense, specifically QB Tua Tagovailoa said that you don't know what he is calling that the lineup is the same but they do different things out of it that are hard to pick up.

Cam Smith has made a few nice plays this week as he continues to push for a starting role now that Ramsey is out.

At linebacker, David Long, Jr. has impressed even the media in attendance. One beat writer said that Long goes full-on every play to the limit of what is expected and allowed. If Long continues in this direction his addition could be one of the biggest this off-season.

At safety, there is a new face working out at the position. It has been reported that Trill Williams, who missed last year due to injury, has been taking reps at safety. This could be a perfect spot for Williams and a great opportunity to make the team, although he shouldn't havce much of an issue doing so.