Did Sunday Night Football's social media troll the Dolphins over their record? Seems that way!

Tonight the Miami Dolphins will play in Philadelphia on NBC and it appears that the SNF social media group took a stab at the Dolphins record.
May 17, 2022; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; A general view of a Miami Dolphins helmet on the grass during
May 17, 2022; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; A general view of a Miami Dolphins helmet on the grass during / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Game day is always a great time. There is excitement from just about every fan base in the NFL. For the Miami Dolphins, tonight's game is an opportunity. One that could potentially end the trolling.

We all know that if the Dolphins win Sunday night, there will be plenty of media talking heads that will be reminding you it was because the Eagles made a mistake because they had a big injury or because the wind shifted when they lined up to kick a field goal. If the Dolphins lose, they simply are not that good.

Over at NBC, the SNF social media group decided to point out that Miami really hasn't beaten anyone of real significance.

To the above tweet I would say GREAT! Use this as bulletin board material. Use it to hype yourself up because no one gives the Dolphins the respect they deserve.

I'm not saying that tonight's game isn't going to be tough. It will be and the Dolphins stand a good chance of leaving Philadelphia with a loss. It's a tough place to play and the Eagles are a good football team.

The information that SNF decided to share is legit. It is 100% accurate and I doubt had the Dolphins beaten the Bills and were undefeated that the narrative would honestly be that different.

Miami has controlled every game after week one sans the Buffalo game and yet no one is talking about the Giants coming within one play of knocking the Bills down to another loss.

Miami fans have grown accustomed to the disrespect. In fact, they revel in it. We love being the underdogs and we love seeing the NFL pre-game shows predict the other team to win. This week, almost everyone seems to be predicting the Eagles and that's perfectly OK. Right Dolphins fan?!