Did the Miami Dolphins blow the selection of Cam Smith last year?

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Miami Dolphins had only one selection in the first two rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft and they used on a CB that hasn't played.

If there is one thing some fans are pointing out it is the fact that at least the Dolphins didn't throw a first-round pick at Cam Smith like they did with Noah Igbinoghene. There is something, however, that is missing from Smith. Why didn't he play last year?

Smith spent the entire season in the Vic Fangio doghouse and he didn't get out of it. No one seems to know why. Was it because he couldn't learn the playbook or was he too disrespectful? Maybe he just didn't get along with Fangio.

Well, we thought with Fangio leaving that Smith would have a shot to compete for the starting job in 2024 but that isn't going to happen and instead, Smith is going to provide depth or move into a slot corner role.

The Dolphins thought so much of Smith that they paid Kendall Fuller a nice contract to replace Xavien Howard and let's be honest, Fuller isn't going to lose his job to Cam Smith.

Looking back on that draft, it is crazy to still think the byline of that selection remains Chris Grier's knowledge of Smith because his own son played with Smith at South Carolina. It is almost like Grier did the kid a favor. That isn't the case but some fans still believe that to be true.

Miami could have done much better with that selection.

Zach Charbonnet was taken by the Seahawks one selection later. Rashee Rice was taken two picks later and the list goes on, O'Cyrus Torrence a needed guard, Luke Schoonmaker, a TE from Michigan, Tyler Steen from Alabama who was taken at the top of round three.

Instead, the Dolphins took Cam Smith.

It will be interesting to see how he plays out in 2024. Will he be a part of the defensive scheme or will he be relegated again to special teams play? If the Dolphins don't view him as a starting prospect then they should consider trading him for whatever they can get.

Miami has made some questionable draft picks in the last ten years and for all the good ones that Chris Grier nails, Wilkins, Andrew Van Ginkel, Jerome Baker, etc... there are those that keep you scratching your head. Will Cam Smith be the next Noah Igbinoghene? Let's hope not because during camp last season, Smith actually looked like he could contribute. Then Vic Fangio happened.