Do not sleep on these 5 Miami Dolphins players in training camp

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

With OTA's in the books, the Miami Dolphins have a roster with a few holes needing a difference maker. While the Miami Dolphins have explored Dalvin Cook and other FAs, some players on the roster will looking shine during preseason. These players can be vets or rookies who might be overlooked as players that will be key difference makers this year.

Tanner Connor- Tight End- 2nd Season

The second year player who was tagged as big developmental project will have a good chance to shows us the gains from his rookie season. The front office seems to be moving in the directional where Tight End can be developed quickly. Connor had too much upside for the front office to cut him during camp last year and Connor has the quickness, hands, and upside to be a difference maker on the roster this season. He has all the physical tools to be successful all signs point at a big year for him.

Erik Ezukanma- Wide Receiver- 2nd Season

Most people thought Erik Ezukanma was ready last year to play, the Miami Dolphins front office thought otherwise. While Ezukanma had a "redshirt" year this gave him time to learn the playbook, stay in shape and get used to the NFL speed. Coach Mike McDaniel has already said he has looked impressive during OTA's and made major strides so far this year. The WR group is very deep so he has to play at another high level going into this preseason. While personally I don't think his job at risk, he will need to make the most of his snaps.

Aubrey Miller-Linebacker- 1st Season

Miller the standout from Jackson State was one of the first players that was called after the draft and his standout play at the college level praised for his aggressiveness and leadership ability gave him a great opportunity with the Miami Dolphins to be an outstanding player on depth and upside. Miller who caught the eye of many teams has the chance to make the 53 but his play in preseason must be stellar. The Miami Dolphins need some good depth behind Baker and Miller might be the player we need. I am sure we will hear his name a lot during camps battles.

Skylar Thompson- QB- 2nd Season

This one might come as a surprise to some but rarely do late round picks get the chance to play early in there career. Yes Brock Purdy made strides and turned heads, Thompson had the chance to do the same. While his rookie season was decent, Thompson has a chance to fight for a #2 spot. Mike White was signed for his experience and youth to provide good depth for the team. Thompson has a few more traits such as running and experience in the offensive scheme. So far he has made some major strides in this offseason. He played well last season in a year that required him much more than was expected. He will be a factor at QB this preseason, I am sure that Miami has found a QB that has good upside and he will push White at the #2 spot.

Michael Turk-P- 1st season

Punter might come as a surprise to some people but this battle will be watched very closely. Many Miami Dolphins fans love and remember Matt Turk for the Dolphins. I think if Michael Turk shows leg strength and some favorable punts the front office might lean toward youth and upside over Bailey. Turk has everything to be a successful NFL player but I wouldn't sleep on him come the time of camp. The Miami Dolphins brass think highly was Turk and think he has what it takes to be a starter.

The Miami Dolphins have a deep and talented roster this year there are many guys who can easily fill a spot in which depth and a difference maker can be found.
Which player do you think will make strides or be a difference maker come pre-season? What player is someone who should not be overlooked? Leave a comment below!