Dolphins and Jets brace for severe weather showdown: Running game to take center stage.

The Miami Dolphins will host the New York Jets on Sunday with the potential for tropical storm type rain.

Researchers Gather Data On Environmental Contamination And Rising Temperatures In Waters Near Miami
Researchers Gather Data On Environmental Contamination And Rising Temperatures In Waters Near Miami / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

It could get ugly on Sunday for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets with potentially severe weather on the way.

If this hits as predicted, will this help the Miami Dolphins or the Jets? Both teams could see their offenses grounded leaving the two teams to take to their running game. That may not be good for the Dolphins and their makeshift offensive line.

For the Dolphins, having their high-powered speedy passing game grounded could hurt the team but on the other hand, Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane (if he plays) should be able to handle the workload but this could get interesting quickly.

If both offenses are stuck to running the ball, which defense will cave first? Miami's run game is great but the Jets defensive front is good as well. That goes both ways and this will likely turn into a field position and turnover game.

The Jets have played in some pretty bad weather games this year and it was only last week that they played in a downpour against the Texans. The Dolphins haven't had many poor weather games this year.

If this game turns into a ground-and-pound type game, it will be interesting to see which team finds a rhythm this week.

According to the prediction for Sunday is heavy rain and a lot of wind. That wind will swirl inside the Hard Rock Stadium bowl. Temperatures will drop to the mid-70s. What will make these conditions worse on the field is the incredible amount of rain that is forecast to fall in South Florida starting late Friday night through the entire weekend.

Tailgating is going to be interesting as well for the fans who will still be sitting outside the stadium prior to the game.

Miami is no stranger to bad weather and downpours but this week comes at a bad time as the Dolphins try and get back on track after losing to the Titans last week with a horrible collapse in the final 4 minutes.

The Jets are playing with house money while the Dolphins are trying to hold on to their lead in the AFC East and keep pace with the Ravens for a potential top seed in the AFC.

Miami will also deal with several injuries and it is unclear who will sit out this week. Most of the offensive line is banged up, Xavien Howard is also banged, as is Tyreek Hill. With the rain coming in, Hill's involvement in the offense may take a backseat this week and that isn't a bad thing.

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