Dolphins and Stephen Ross the number one team in the NFL per NFLPA report card

The NFLPA has released its 2024 NFL team report cards and the Miami Dolphins scores are through the roof!
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins fans can say what they want about the team and owner Stephen Ross but he has built something that the NFL players love.

The NFLPA started releasing an NFL Report Card that covers a variety of criteria that players vote on. Each year the NFLPA releases this report ahead of free agency. It gives potential players hitting the market an idea of what other players think of the teams they are on.

In many cases, we can discount player voting on just about anything. Even J.J. Watt posted that when it comes to stuff like the NFL Top 100 or the Pro Bowl, the voting papers are tossed or given away. In the Tweet below, Watt points out the two that are taken seriously.

The voting is 100% anonymous and covers everything from the owner to the state of the locker room and even the cafeteria. This year, the Dolphins are the top team after coming in 2nd last season.

  • Treatment of Families: A- Ranked third in the NFL
  • Food/Cafeteria: A First in the NFL
  • Nutritionist/ Dietician: A 2nd in the NFL
  • Locker Room: A 3rd in the NFL
  • Training Room: A 1st in the NFL
  • Training Staff: A- 1st in the NFL
  • Weight Room: A+ 1st in the NFL
  • Strength Coaches: A 2nd in the NFL
  • Team Travel: A 1st in the NFL
  • Head Coach: A 8th in the NFL
  • Ownership: A+ First in the NFL

The NFLPA release states that 1,706 players participated in the team-by-team survey in an effort to improve working conditions across the league.

Dolphins players made points throughout the process of things that stuck out to them. For example, the players said there were improvements over last season as it relates to their families and they gave a big shoutout to the cafeteria staff saying they are doing a tremendous job.

The players also said that they believe the training staff, ranked first in the NFL in this category contribute to the success of the team.

In an amazing affirmation of what Stephen Ross does for the Dolphins and his commitment to the players, Ross received a near-perfect 10 coming in with a 9.9 rating. The players pointed out his "willingness to invest in the facilities."

The Dolphins securing such a high score is a good indication that the team is putting value on the players and their needs. This is something that will be helpful in attracting players to the team in free agency when money is equal.

Ross has never shied away from spending and he has gone out of his way to make the Dolphins training center one of the best in the NFL and the players as appreciated as possible. This is a big win for the Dolphins who last year came up just short of the number one spot, at number two.

The Vikings are the number two team on this year's list.