Dolphins did enough to give Chris Grier reason not to address the offensive line

Miami Dolphins fans want to see changes along the offensive line in 2024 but Chris Grier's history should be pause those thoughts.
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Chris Grier will be tasked with fixing everything that is wrong with the Miami Dolphins this off-season. He doesn't have the money to do it. The offensive line will suffer as a result.

Robert Hunt will be a free agent and even if Grier opts to re-sign their best offensive lineman, he alone won't be enough to fix what is wrong with the unit.

Chris Grier doesn't value the offensive line like the rest of the world and I'm not sure a temper tantrum from Mike McDaniel would sway him either. Yes, Grier traded for Terron Armstead and threw more money at Austin Jackson to keep him around. Armstead is the surf on a rolling beach. You can't be 100% certain if he will reach the shore week-to-week.

Behind him? Average depth. Next to him? A one-year addition of Isaiah Wynn who couldn't stay healthy. Behind him? An undrafted free agent, Robert Jones. When you think of left guard and say, "Ideally Liam Eichenberg would be playing that spot" then you know you are pushing for something positive.

Eichenberg will continue to start at center next year. Why? Because he is serviceable and for Grier, that is enough. Eichenberg couldn't hold down the guard job over Wynn but slid into the starting role at center when Connor Williams was lost.

For those hoping for a Williams return next year, his injury will keep him out until halfway through the season and he is an impending free agent. Grier has to make a decision on the players who will line up at right guard and left guard. He is not going to make a decision at center. That job is Eichenberg's now.

Miami's offensive line played well this season. Coaching made a big difference but coaching will only take players so far and when Miami needed time in the pocket for Tua, they couldn't generate enough of it. Grier won't care. He will cite the quick release and fast-paced offense. He will cite the success of the running game and then he will use his money elsewhere.

Is it the right decision? No. Is it an easy decision? No. Miami has too many other holes to fill and Grier won't spend the draft capital to bring in another lineman, not when he can add another CB that might potentially sit for an entire year.

Miami needs to fix the offensive line but I am starting to think this will be something that is addressed when Chris Grier is gone and that won't happen until Stephen Ross sells the franchise.

For Dolphins fans wanting to see changes this year, their likely won't be much.