Dolphins draft: 3 Defensive lineman that would be perfect fits in Miami

The Miami Dolphins have holes to fill along the entire defensive front. These players would help.
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The Miami Dolphins would be wise to take a serious look at Adisa Isaac.

We're keeping in the BIG 10 and I'm going with a guy from my alma mater. Adisa Isaac is a player that can come right in and be a difference-maker for the Dolphins.

Isaac was a bit over-shadowed by Chop Robinson but Isaac proved he is no second-fiddler.

A few seasons ago, Isaac tore his Achilles, which makes him a prime target for Chris Grier I'm sure. But since that, a high he put together back-to-back seasons where he played at a high level. Last year, he had 9 sacks and 31 total pressures.

Yes, he weighs 247 LBs, which to me screams that he won't be a traditional 4-3 defensive end his whole career. At that weight, he's going to be moved around all over the defensive front. which is the way of the world in the NFL.

The biggest knock on him is how he performs in the run game. We saw last year the Cowboys have undersized outside backers and they got blown off the ball consistently. Like Jer'Zhan Newton, Isaac played in the BIG 10 which gives him a PHD in eating blocks since nobody passes the ball.

He would absolutely need to get stronger which of course he would get as keeps growing. But let's not act like he's 215 LBs out there. He's around 250 so I don't think his size would be that big of a deal.

The Miami Dolphins need pass-rushers in a big way and if Adisa Isaac is there in the 2nd round, selecting him would be a positive because he's a guy you can insert, at worst on passing downs which there are many, and let him go to work.