Dolphins draft: 3 Defensive lineman that would be perfect fits in Miami

The Miami Dolphins have holes to fill along the entire defensive front. These players would help.
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The Miami Dolphins could land Gabriel Murphy with a late round pick which is good because the guy has a high ceiling.

I'm sensing a theme here with Gabriel Murphy from UCLA. Murphy was certainly over-shadowed by Laitau Latu, who will probably be the first edge rusher taken on Thursday. But that doesn't mean that Murphy can't play.

It could mean that Murphy is best when there is another threat on the opposite side of the line. It reminds me of Adewale Ogunleye. Don't tell me you don't remember Adewale Ogunleye who put together a wonderful 2003 season when he played opposite of Jason Taylor. I'm not saying that Murphy, who is figured to be a day 3 pick while Ogunleye went undrafted, is going to put up 15 sacks due to Chubb and Phillips being on the other side. I'm saying that Murphy might be best suited with another high-level pass-rusher opposite of him.

Murphy is another versatile pass-rusher who weighs in at 247 LBs. So yes, shedding blocks is an issue for him.

But the athleticism he has makes him a candidate to get his feet wet as a situational pass-rusher. Who knows, if he does that well maybe Weaver can't take him off the field in a year or two.

With these late-round guys, nobody knows how anything will remotely pan out. Not saying throw a dart to see who you'll take because of that. I'm just saying it's really hard to predict a 4th-7th rounder doing really well when most end up being solid contributors to special teams.

Gabriel Murphy has a big upside due to his play-making ability. The Miami Dolphins could do much worse using a late pick on him.

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