Dolphins draft: 3 things fans learned about Chris Grier's thinking

Based on the draft picks that the Miami Dolphins selected in the 2024 NFL Draft, we can peer into the mind of the Miami Dolphins.
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins do not care about interior offensive linemen.

I will die on this hill if I have to, but to me, it is quite apparent that the Miami Dolphins simply don't value the guard position that they have to put a lot of resources in, too.

Where is my evidence for this claim? Well, the Miami Dolphins do not currently have a formidable starting right guard. Spare me the Liam Eichenberg and Jack Driscoll truthers out there. The team needs 11 starters on offense, and they currently only have 10, in the draft, the team decided not to select any interior offensive linemen. I rest my case.

Even if you want to say that we know for sure that Grier and his assets have reached out to veteran free agent interior offensive linemen, which we know is true, that doesn't mean the Dolphins shouldn't have taken someone in the first half of the draft that could come in and do the job. Personally, I would have enjoyed a top guard in the 2nd, but that's me.

Thinking about it, the team is highly relying on Isaiah Wynn, who missed more than half the season last year to start at left guard. Makes me feel even worse about the interior of the line.

But you know who doesn't feel all that bad or worried about it? The Miami Dolphins, that's who. Obviously, Mike McDaniel and Chris Grier think Butch Barry is some sort of a medicine man or at the least a wizard who is a master of the mystic arts and that he can get a big guy in there and make them serviceable. Good luck, Butch.