Dolphins draft: 5 bold predictions that may or may not make Miami fans happy

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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The Miami Dolphins fan base is now counting down the days until the 2024 NFL Draft, not the weeks and there is a lot of intrigue this year.

Chris Grier has left the door open for making moves. The Dolphins have needs at defensive tackle, safety, defensive edge, offensive line, and wide receiver. Not in that order and you could throw tight end into the mix as well.

Predicting what happens in the draft is near impossible. It is why so many NFL fans loathe "mock drafts" despite the fact they are a fun exercise into various ways a draft could go. Yet, they really are not predictions of what will happen or what might happen.

Prediction number one: The Dolphins will get jumped via trade for players they want

Before the Miami Dolphins are on the clock, at least two teams will jump over them. One team will draft a wide receiver, likely Brian Thomas, Jr., and the other team will draft one of the top offensive tackles, likely Troy Fautanu.

Miami has an interest in both positions. Aside from Thomas, there are not any WRs worth being selected at 21 overall. The others that are will be long gone in the top 15. At tackle, most teams know the Dolphins need offensive line help. Fautanu makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins.

Who might those teams be? I wouldn't rule out Green Bay, Arizona, or even Buffalo jumping ahead of Miami. I would also keep an eye on the Eagles who could jump ahead of Miami and draft an edge-rusher.