Dolphins draft: 5 pick combinations in rounds 1 and 2 that would make Chris Grier a God!

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In this article, we're running through some scenarios of a haul for Miami in rounds 1 and 2. These will be in order from favorite to least favorite. There will also be three combinations I'd be less enthused about.

1. My Sun and My Stars: Graham Barton and Braden Fiske

Other than Troy Fautanu or Taliese Fuaga dropping to 21, this is my ideal class at the top. Graham Barton offers true 5 position flexibility, and if you've been around the site long enough, you know my infatuation with his fit in the offense. He is a great mover and fits the Dolphins' system like a glove. Braden Fiske offers a lot of upside as a pass-rushing 3/5 tech or big end. He has great explosiveness and quickness and pairs well with Zach Sieler on pass-rushing downs. While no slouch in the run game, he is a guy you draft for his pass-rushing prowess, and I think he would bring a lot to the defense.

2. They'll never make it to us, but it's fun to dream: Byron Murphy and Jordan Morgan

Let's talk about two guys who probably won't make it to 21 or 55 respectively, but it's fun to dream. If Murphy falls to 21, he is one of 4 players in the class I would definitively take over Graham Barton. That list is Fuaga, Fautanu, Murphy, and Bowers. Everyone else is behind Barton for me. Murphy is a true disruptor at DT and is effective in the run game with immense pass-rushing upside. He is explosive, strong, quick, and has a plethora of ways to win on the line of scrimmage. Jordan Morgan is another great player that I would love to target in a trade-down scenario. He is a perfect fit for the zone blocking he will be asked to do and should have tackle/guard flexibility, which, to me, is so important in this draft for Miami.