Dolphins draft: 5 pick combinations in rounds 1 and 2 that would make Chris Grier a God!

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3. Safe picks; like being wrapped in a nice blanket: Laiatu Latu and Christian Haynes

Latu could see himself sliding down the board due to his previous injury history, and that would make sense. Miami has experience in drafting players like this recently, so it wouldn't necessarily deter them. Latu is probably the best pure pass rusher in the class. Though not an elite athlete, he wins in many different ways which makes him dangerous. I don't know if he'll be there, and the edge isn't a huge need, but if he's on the board, I wouldn't be mad at it. Haynes is a terrific guard prospect and a guy I was hesitant about for a while due to some pass-blocking things I saw on tape, but his zone-blocking ability and athleticism are too good to get past 55, especially if Miami goes defense with 21.

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4. Good, high floor, but not as high as #3: Johnny Newton and Zach Frazier

Many people believe Newton is the best DT in the class, so to get him at 21 would be huge. He is essentially Fiske and Jenkins balled up into one guy. He has a terrific pass-rushing upside, with good run-stopping ability as well. He is probably the closest thing to a Christian Wilkins replacement that exists in this class. Frazier has been labeled as center only which may slide him down draft boards. I think he could potentially play guard, or Miami could move Brewer over to guard if necessary. I like Frazier for much of the same reason I like any other OL prospect. How do they move in space? How do they pass protect? How will he fit into this system? I believe Frazier is a solid round 2 prospect.