Dolphins draft: 5 pick combinations in rounds 1 and 2 that would make Chris Grier a God!

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5. It's fine, no seriously, it's fine: Amarius Mims and Kris Jenkins

If Miami should decide to go full-on mammoth size and strength, this is the direction they would go. I admittedly don't love Mims' fit in the offense, and his lack of experience is worrisome. His injuries are not something I'd be super excited about bringing in either, but his size and athleticism are truly elite and he could end up as the steal of the draft at 21. Kris Jenkins is a player I like, but not as much as Fiske. Jenkins is an elite-run defender who is big and powerful but doesn't rush the passer with great efficiency. He is still someone I'd be happy to target in round 2 if he is available.

BONUS: Trade Down Scenario: Jackson Powers-Johnson and Chris Braswell

JPJ was once considered a lock for round 1. Now, many people think he could slip as far as early round 2. I believe if the Dolphins trade down, they will have a chance at JPJ, Jordan Morgan, and maybe even Graham Barton in the mid to late 20s. JPJ is a large center, but he carries his weight well and is very good in both the run game and pass protection. He would be a day 1 starter. Chris Braswell may not be the most refined pass rusher, but his athleticism and strength make him a compelling 2nd round pick if Miami decides to go edge or if all of the round 2 DT prospects are off the board.

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