Dolphins draft: Biggest draft day steals since 1990 includes two Hall of Fame players

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The NFL Draft will always produce surprises but it may take years to realize who the steals were. For the Miami Dolphins, the list is a good one.

Miami's current roster doesn't boast potential steals from their draft classes. De'Von Achane, however, could very well prove to be the exception to the last five drafts. Taken in round three, Achane looked as though he could get into the Rookie of the Year talk in 2023 before being injured.

If Achane can stay healthy and continue to excel, this list will have his name on it in another five years or so. In the meantime, we are still waiting to hear that 4th round pick Erik Ezukanma was a steal. He wasn't.

You have to go back to 2019 when in round five, the Dolphins drafted Andrew Van Ginkel to find their last true steal.

AVG is now in Minnesota but his time with the Dolphins was everything teams hope they can find in the mid-rounds. A rare win for Chris Grier on day 3, AVG did whatever was asked of him and while he may not be a player that will someday head into Canton, for the Dolphins, he was a great pick-up and value that overplayed his draft position.

If we are going to gauge AVG as a steal, we can't discount Jerome Baker in round 3 or Durham Smythe in round 4 but honestly, steal might be a word that doesn't quite fit. Unlike the following players.