Dolphins draft: Final predictions for the Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL Draft

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The mock drafts for the 2024 NFL Draft are just about over and now, it is more about predictions than a wide-ranging mock. As the draft draws near, here are our final predictions for all seven rounds of the Dolphins draft.

The biggest question facing the Dolphins is whether or not they will stay put at 21 or trade down. I would love to see a trade-down, even if it meant out of round one entirely. Chris Grier has shown a willingness to move around but with only six draft picks this year, will he risk losing a top, round-one prospect for more picks in the mid-rounds? That depends on if he believes he can find the value in those rounds.

When the Dolphins are on the clock, I think Grier stays put and makes his selection. He has too many holes to fill and while he doesn't have the draft picks to fill them, he can't afford the risk. Not when a quality player will fill one of those voids.

I don't see the Dolphins fanbase being thrilled with Miami's first pick. Frankly, I don't see players like Troy Fautanu, who should be the Dolphins' number one choice, or Brian Thomas, Jr. the best WR who could be available, actually, well, available at 21. I think Grier makes a safe pick.

Looking at the draft, Grier has never drafted a guard/center in round one and that may not change this year. A tackle is possible but he would have to be able to play guard and I don't know if Grier is planning for a future without Terron Armstead just yet.

First round: Graham Barton - offensive lineman - Duke

This is a matter of Chris Grier moving from on from his annual M.O. of not drafting interior offensive linemen. Barton is different. He is athletic, strong, and quick. He can play center, guard, and tackle providing Butch Barry versatility. The Dolphins have to protect Tua Tagovailoa.

Mike McDaniel may not be thrilled with the pick on a personal level. There have been reports that he is interested in Xavier Worthy of Texas. I simply don't see how the Dolphins can pass on a player that will start immediately as a rookie and then take over left tackle once Terron Armstead retires.