Dolphins draft: Final predictions for the Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins gave Mike McDaniel offensive line help and I do not see Miami drafting two offensive players in rounds one and two. This one has to be defense.

Round 2: Pick 55 - Kamren Kinchens - Safety - University of Miami

Miami fans will be thrilled if the Dolphins select Kinchens to fortify the secondary and Anthony Weaver will love his ball-hawking skills. The Dolphins need edge help but I don't see the draft falling that way. In several mock drafts, I continue to see guys like Darius Robinson fall to 55 but I think he goes in the early to mid-40s.

Ricky Pearsall is a great option for Miami as well but I don't see Miami going back-to-back offensive players and when we break it all down, the Dolphins have two top WRs in the NFL already on the roster and a contract on the table for Odell Beckham, Jr. (I still say Hunter Renfrow should be signed).

Kinchens is a good player and will allow Weaver to pay a three-high safety look. Kinchens ability to read the field and react quickly could make him one of the more impactful rookies in the league.

Other options could include an edge rusher should one fall to Miami at 55 but most of the top prospects will be gone and at this point, the Dolphins would be reaching. Defensive tackle is also a bit of a reach at this point unless a guy like Kris Jenkins slides.