Dolphins draft: Final predictions for the Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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There is a real chance that the Dolphins sit out rounds three and four before making their next pick at 158.

Round 5 - Pick 158 - Erick All - TE - Iowa

The more I watch the tape on All, the more I like the kid. He is a solid blocking TE who can play the outside tackle support but also has the ability to get into routes and take advantage of space. All comes from a highly successful college in terms of producing NFL tight ends.

Round 5 is considered high for All but the Dolphins watched teams take TEs early last year and they were left holding an empty bag. If the Dolphins like All, the may not wait until pick 184.

This is a tough pick to choose. Luke McCaffrey makes sense for the Dolphins. If the Dolphins don't go WR in rounds one or two, McCaffrey could be an option if they need a WR and McCaffrey comes from a pedigree family. He doesn't possess the speed that Mike McDaniel typically likes but he is reliable and will fill the slot role that McDaniel needs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Miami go this way and take McCaffrey in round five if he is there.