Dolphins draft: Final predictions for the Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL Draft

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The Dolphins need to keep building aspects of their offense but this late in the draft is all about BPA more that filling holes.

Round 6: Pick 184 - Javion Cohen - Guard - University of Miami

The Dolphins doubling up on linemen shouldn't be a surprise. At this point in the draft, the best player available is the right choice. WRs are developmental at best and while you could find a steal, drafting depth at guard is smart and could give the Dolphins options.

Cohen could become an option to start in another couple of years but with better coaching at the NFL level, he should provide depth good enough to get him on the field as needed in 2024.

Round 6: Pick 198 - Mohamed Kamara - EDGE - Colorado State

Like Cohen, Kamara is a value pick that could be a steal. His 16.5 sacks was impressive at CSU. A disruptive edge rusher, Kamara needs coaching and more discipline but he can be coached and as a 6th round selection, he will be worth a flyer.

Kamara will have to work on his techniques off the edge at this level but he will have some of the best veterans to learn from.

7th round - pick 241 - Ja'Quan Sheppard - CB - Maryland

I can't see the Dolphins not drafting a cornerback in this year's draft. While Sheppard may end up as an afterthought, he can provide special teams play in his rookie season and learn the ropes as he goes. Despite the Dolphins having a good roster at the position, the depth can still be improved and tweaked.