Dolphins draft: Taking Chop Robinson proves these 4 realities for Miami in 2024

A realisitc and slightly optimistic look at what Chop Robinson means on the Miami Dolphins with a dash of cynicism.
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After months of folks playing GM by filling out mock draft after mock draft trying to get a lead on what Chris Grier and company might do with the #21 pick, the Miami Dolphins finally gave us a peak into their collective brain by drafting edge-rusher Chop Robinson.

I don't think many folks had the Miami Dolphins drafting Chop Robinson at #21. I know Peter Schrager released his mock draft, and Miami took Chop later in the 1st after a trade down. That didn't happen, but the Miami Dolphins went ahead and took the twitchy pass-rusher from Penn State.

Many are not in love with this selection. I myself am not in love with this selection. If you've been following along at all here, you know that I wanted the Miami Dolphins and Grier and the gang to load up on offensive linemen. There was a real chance that one of my favorite guys in the draft, a guy I didn't think would get to Miami at #21, Troy Fautanu, was going to fall in the Dolphin's lap. But alas, in classic Dolphins fashion, he went to Pittsburgh at #20.

Miami looked at their board and thought Chop Robinson was the way to go. Who knows if he was the BPA guy on their board at #21? The whole best player available thing is a tired argument due to how suggestive it is. It's possible Chop Robinson was their best player available. We'll never know.

I had this thought yesterday, way before the draft: Would it be better to draft the 5-6th best offensive linemen or the 2-3rd best pass-rusher? I feel like that was an important question. Miami went with one of the best pass-rushers in the draft, which was also a massive position of need. Don't forget that the Dolphins had to trot out the pass-rushing version of the Expendables to play in a playoff game.

We have no idea when Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips will be coming back. I know we get all giddy seeing them leg press houses, but they shouldn't play pro football until they are 110% ready to go. Personally, I don't think either will be ready for week one.

I understand folks are going to be emotional about this pick of Chop Robinson. As a PSU alumnus, I was happy to see we were getting him, but then I was instantly hit with the reality that he doesn't help the offensive line, which I felt needed to be upgraded for years to come. A real double-edged sword, I guess.

Just because I wanted an offensive lineman and feel Grier screwed that up big-time doesn't mean that Chop Robinson will be a bust. But I do believe these realities are now in place due to the Miami Dolphins drafting Chop Robinson.