Dolphins draft: Taking Chop Robinson proves these 4 realities for Miami in 2024

A realisitc and slightly optimistic look at what Chop Robinson means on the Miami Dolphins with a dash of cynicism.
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Chop Robinson going to the Miami Dolphins may mean that, in fact, Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb won't be ready for a while.

Here's a little news flash: tearing your ACL and rupturing your Achilles tendon takes a long time to heal. Even when you do get cleared, the prevailing wisdom is that you won't feel anywhere near yourself for at least another year. So, with that logic, Chubb and Philips will be right as rain in 2025.

I know we've seen videos of Phillips looking like his adonis self in the gym and from everything that's out there, Bradley Chubb is rehabbing well. But, to expect those guys to be ready to go in week one, to me, is not the smart way to go about things.

Chubb and Phillips need to be ultra-ready before stepping onto a football field before they smash into other men with all their might.

With the addition of Chop Robinson, the Dolphins have something to work with when comes to their pass-rush game. Shaq Barrett and Chop, you would think would be the starting outside linebackers in some form of a 3-4 or 3-3-5 defense that we expect Anthony Weaver to run. I would imagine some other guys will be in the mix as well.

The point is with Chop Robinson, Phillips and Chubb don't need to feel as pressured to hurry back.