Dolphins draft: Taking Chop Robinson proves these 4 realities for Miami in 2024

A realisitc and slightly optimistic look at what Chop Robinson means on the Miami Dolphins with a dash of cynicism.
Penn State v Auburn
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You'll never convince me that the Miami Dolphins don't see a little Micah Parsons in Chop Robinson.

It's a copycat league, not sure you're aware of that, and you'll never convince me that when the scouts of the Dolphins watched Chop Robinson tape with him wearing that PSU uniform they didn't see a little Micah Parsons in his game.

Chop Robinson is about 10 LBs more than Micah, but he is right with him in terms of twitch athleticism. You'd swear he knows the exact cadence of the opposing offense because of the way Robinson fires off the ball. Maybe he does.

If you look at the tape of Parsons and Robinson you'll notice that both guys play all over the defensive line including being lined up over the nose. That's something that Parsons has transfered to the NFL. We've seen him plenty of times, wreak havoc by knifing right past the center into the backfield. Chop did a bit of that as well and you know the Dolphins say that and we're like " I want that."

Here are some videos of stats that paint a great picture of Chop Robinson;

This isn't to say that Chop Robinson will be Micah Parsons. That's a big ask because Micah is one of the best athletes in the entire NFL. I'm just saying the potential is there for it. Yes, I know drafting for potential isn't exactly what you want to do. Potential gets guys fired unless you're Chris Grier. But the ceiling on Chop is undoubtedly a high one, and that makes things fun.