Dolphins draft: Taking Chop Robinson proves these 4 realities for Miami in 2024

A realisitc and slightly optimistic look at what Chop Robinson means on the Miami Dolphins with a dash of cynicism.
Penn State v Auburn
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Chop Robinson is an edge-rusher that is more than sack numbers but it be nice if he would get more in the NFL.

One of the instant knocks on Chop Robinson last night was that he only had 11 sacks during his time at PSU. That's a number you would think should be much higher if he's such a dynamic athlete who has the athleticism to demolish offensive lines. It's certainly a number that makes you think that the Dolphins should have gone elsewhere. I get that.

Do you want to know who only had 6.5 sacks in their college career? Micah Parsons. Sounds crazy, right? But it's true.

Here's the thing about sacks, they're nice and I want as many as possible but they're a little bit overrated. Just a little bit.

Look at this;

I'm not a big chart guy but knowledge is power. This shows that Chop Robinson beats his man like a drum pretty often. He doesn't always get home and bring the QB to the turf but he causes problems for offenses and ends their plays. The word you're going to hear associated with Chop the most might be disruption. You should buy stock in the word disruption if you can.

Here's how I look at it: in basketball, blocks are awesome, and it's a great stat. A stat you don't hear get talked about is the number of times a defender makes the offense put up a low-percentage shot. There actually is probably a name for that, I just don't know it. Like when a guard goes to the rim and sees Victor Wembanyana and they pull it out to shoot a jumper or do one of those high arching floaters that don't have much of a chance, that's what Chop Robinson does.

Robinson doesn't always get the sack but he makes the QB throw it away or force it into a tight spot. To me, that's very valuable. Would I like that play to be a five-yard loss in the form of a sack? Sure I would. But I'll take an incompletion as well. The sacks will start happening in the NFL. Or, they won't. We really don't know how this will play out.