Dolphins draft: Taking Chop Robinson proves these 4 realities for Miami in 2024

A realisitc and slightly optimistic look at what Chop Robinson means on the Miami Dolphins with a dash of cynicism.
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Chop Robinson will probably be the ultimate boom-or-bust guy for the Miami Dolphins.

I'm sure you'll do your own digging on Chop Robinson and watch all the highlights. You may have broken some game tape of him. I watched him at PSU for three seasons, and I saw a guy get better and better.

I also saw a guy rely a lot on his God-given talent. He was able to be faster than everyone else. Obviously, the NFL is a different beast. This means the "raw" label that he has is accurate and it's something he needs to improve meaning he needs to polish his technique.

Here's a quote from Chop(by the way it's as cool a nickname as there is) about something technical about his game that he knows he needs to improve;

I love the self-awareness and how he was comfortable speaking about something particular about his game that needs to get better.

I expect him to be a day one starter. Will he be on the field for all three downs or only passing situations? I hope it's all three downs, but I suppose we don't know anything yet.

I have a hard time thinking that Chop Robinson will only be an alright player. To me, he'll be really good or casted out like Charles Harris with no inbetween.

Hopefully, the Miami Dolphins go offensive line with the #55 pick in the draft. They have to right? There are guys that are left that I would be smitten with.

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