Dolphins draft: The 3 dream scenarios for Miami in the 2024 NFL Drafts first round

It would be a dream scenerio for the Miami Dolphins if any of these guys fell to them at #21.
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War rooms are being prepared. Draft day rituals are being put into motion. In a few days, the NFL will usher in a brand new crop of players that fans hope will give their team an edge over everyone else. The Miami Dolphins have a 1st round pick and if you squint hard enough you can see a path that these three players may get to #21 and that would be simply splendid for the Miami Dolphins.

Now let's get something crystal clear; I don't expect any of the players on this list to fall into the laps of the Miami Dolphins at pick #21. These guys are too good and have too much talk about them going earlier in the 1st round.

But what if I and most others are wrong? I mean, it is the NFL Draft where weird things happen all the time. This is the same event that saw Christian Ponder, go in the 1st round, where the Vikings missed their pick, and the one that is pointing to JJ McCarthy getting picked second by Washington. Sidebar, in what world is JJ McCarthy thought to be the 2nd best quarterback in the draft? Are we all taking crazy pills?

Anyway, strange things happen in the NFL Draft that nobody saw coming seemingly every year. So maybe we are living in a reality where one of these guys for whatever reason, such as being a bad interviewer, teams found a secret injury, a picture of a gas mask comes out, comes to light and they start dropping in the 1sr round.

Allow your mind to wander for a few minutes and envision a world where a guy we all thought had no chance to wind up on the Miami Dolphins due to other-worldly forces ends up in South Beach. Have fun with sports because chances are reality will settle in and these guys will be gone by pick #14 because reality is often disappointing.