Dolphins draft: The 3 dream scenarios for Miami in the 2024 NFL Drafts first round

It would be a dream scenerio for the Miami Dolphins if any of these guys fell to them at #21.
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It would be so much fun to see Brock Bowers be a part of the Miami Dolphins.

To be fair around the time of the NFL combine, there was some light talk that Brock Bowers might drop in the draft due to not working out at the combine and that one picture of him standing next to Gronk that looked like any picture of me standing by anyone who is 6'2.

For a brief moment when that was happening, visions of Brock catching a slant and weaving his way from one side of the field to the other for six were all that was playing in my head.

Maybe teams say what has happened to Kyle Pitts and had their minds wiped from a Dr. Strange spell that Sam LaPorta played last year? Why not this version of Earth?

Sure, all signs are pointing that Brock Bowers will not be getting past the Colts at #15. But that's not going to stop me from telling people that Brock Bowers in a Mike McDaniel offense with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, and De'Von Achane wouldn't be the most fun offense in the history of offenses.

Maybe the Miami Dolphins end up taking a tight end a little higher in the draft than many think they will. The addition of Jonnu Smith certainly lends itself to the idea that tight end won't be that high of a priority for Miami. But what if Brock Bowers gets passed on by 20 other teams? What if right?