Dolphins fans going nuts over a late Ravens TD even though they did the same to Denver

Miami Dolphins fans are not happy hours after the team lost to the Ravens 56-19 all because the Ravens scored late.

Dec 31, 2023; Baltimore, Maryland, USA;  Baltimore Ravens tight end Charlie Kolar (88) reacts after
Dec 31, 2023; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens tight end Charlie Kolar (88) reacts after / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

To add insult to injury, the Miami Dolphins got another punch in the face when John Harbaugh called a passing play after Bradley Chubb was knocked out of the game. The pass led to a TD.

The game was out of Miami's hands when Chubb went down with what is likely a season-ending knee injury. He was untouched and buckled on the play holding his knee. Early indications, unconfirmed, are that it is likely an ACL. More will be known tomorrow or on Tuesday.

The play in question came after the injury with the Ravens beating Miami 49-19. Harbaugh dialed up a pass play for the Ravens backup quarterback and he tossed the score to another uncovered tight end.

That has Miami fans wanting to throw punches in the direction of Harbaugh who has managed to run up the score on the Dolphins every time he has the chance. The problem is Miami fans have already forgotten that the Dolphins did the same thing against Denver.

Miami was up in the 4th quarter of that game, 56 - 13 when Mike White threw deep to Robbie Chosen for a 68-yard touchdown. Miami fans cheered as the score turned over into the 60s. The score put Miami up 63-13 and they still were not done.

The fact that Miami fans are complaining about the Ravens throwing the ball, do they really think the Dolphins' defense would have stopped the Ravens had they run it? Miami has bigger things to worry about, like the Bills rather than concerning themselves with a late-game TD throw from a head coach who has posted blowout wins every chance he can.

Did I enjoy watching the play unfold? Hell no but it was the Dolphins' job to stop the Ravens and they couldn't do it. That's not on Harbaugh, that's on the Dolphins defense.

Besides, why would anyone expect anything else from Harbaugh?