Dolphins fans react to the selection of Patrick Paul in round two of the 2024 NFL Draft

Sep 30, 2023; Lubbock, Texas, USA;  Houston Cougars offensive tackle Patrick Paul (76) blocks Texas
Sep 30, 2023; Lubbock, Texas, USA; Houston Cougars offensive tackle Patrick Paul (76) blocks Texas / Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the Miami Dolphins will get lucky with Houston native Richmond Webb announcing the selection of Houston's Patrick Paul. Maybe.

Chris Grier believes that offensive line coach, Butch Barry, can coach up any player, and while Patrick Paul doesn't need a lot of work, he will need to get more consistent, and that will be on Barry. After the Dolphins selected Paul, fans took to social media to voice their concerns and their approvals.

Paul's biggest problem is that he tends to rely too much on his arm reach, and when a defender can get through them, he has to rely on moving his feet, and that is where he tends to get in trouble.

The NFL Network crew said shortly after the pick was announced that while some draft experts had Paul ranked in the late 2nd round, others had him ranked as low as the 4th round.

When Paul is zoned in, he can be an incredible anchor on the edge. In his last two seasons at Houston, he gave up only two sacks in 1,052 passing snaps.

It is unclear if the Dolphins will be able to start Paul in 2024. He isn't projected to play guard and while he may end up as the replacement on the outside for Terron Armstead, it will be interesting to see if the Dolphins keep Paul on the sidelines or plug him at at guard and let him compete inside for playing time in 2024. If Paul doesn't start in 2024, Chris Grier will have a lot of questions coming his way.

For the most part, most of the Dolphins fan's complaints revolve around the potential of Paul not starting right away, although, with Armstead, it could last a week. While Butch Barry is the main coach that will need to clean up the bad in Paul's game, Armstead will be an incredible mentor and tutor for the tackle.